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Betsy, this website continues to be the best food writing in or around New Orleans right now. Thanks.



How about an article on all the new non traditional eating establishments popping up everywhere throught new orleans. I've seen a very big increase of roachcoaches traveling around the city and they are very much needed to help the recovery effort. I just wonder wich ones are good? I knew of a few good ones before the storm like Paul Vu's he has been in opperation for over 5 years supplying the working guys a hot meal at local machine shops and factories. Also would you even think of eating something out of one of these thing ?

I love reading your articles they help me decide where to try next.

Thank you,

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New York writer Betsy Andrews volunteers in some of New Orleans' best restaurant kitchens as they struggle to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina. Here, she reports on the daily successes and setbacks and shares her own experiences.

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