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Jill DeGroff

Please ask Betsy Andrew to contact me; I would like to ask her permission to use a piece from her article where she has so aptly captured Lally & Ti's dialogue (and the essence of who they are). I would of course credit her name to it.
Kind regards,
Jill DeGroff

Christopher Smith

I coundn't be more pleased than to know that Ti Martin and Trevor Wisdom are back in New Orleans and rebuilding the best part of the city (food & wine & strange folks) I went to Trinty with them both and haven't seen them in over 20 years. This article really made me smile. I know they will kick A and take names down there. I'll be visting soon and Adelaide's will top my list.


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New York writer Betsy Andrews volunteers in some of New Orleans' best restaurant kitchens as they struggle to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina. Here, she reports on the daily successes and setbacks and shares her own experiences.

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