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Cathy M. Hultgren

Thanks for the great story. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we also have lost so many grand old restaurants here. Haven't been back to New Orleans yet, but we will soon.

Donna Marino Wilkins

Thanks for the terrific postings...so interesting...I'm looking forward to your reports in the days ahead!

Michael Corrigan

My wife and I were there last Easter and met so many wonderful people. Our Hearts go out them. How about the Bon Ton Across from the St.James (where we stayed) and Brennans? (Banannas Foster!)
Check out Cooters down by Tulane. It is - was - right on the river. Great beer selection and all the prereqresite fried goodies.

Ken K from Philadelphia, PA

Your writing is wonderful and so brings me back down to earth and realizing how hard life is for some of us. I am very proud of you Betsy. Years ago I met Paul Prudhomme in New York City who when signing my menu implied that good food is one of three ingredients to making a happy life. Please thank all of the restaurant owners and workers for being there. Be well.

Jack Blanchard

Wonderful reporting, it shows true optimism in the face of unimaginable horror. If anything magnifies the spirit of New Orleans and its people it's their love of and respect for food, and eating well. God bless the people of New Orleans and their great city. It, and they, will not only survive, but will flourish and prevail.


steve n.

Glad to learn N.O. is making some progress on the culinary front. People going out need to be patient, it's not the same place, but it will come back. Have faith!

karim donayre

i can't even begin to tell you how much your stories are touching me..i have been back & am spending x-mas in virginia...for now...i cannot wait to get back HOME...thank you for reminding me how important it is for us to support the lovely city of new orleans by just simply being there...thank you!
i want to come home

Irene Kohn

Thank you so much, Betsy Andrews, for your insightful and fabulously interesting blogs on the New Orleans restaurant industry and your observations in general. I think you've done more to ensure New Orleans's recovery than has FEMA! Keep 'em coming!




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New York writer Betsy Andrews volunteers in some of New Orleans' best restaurant kitchens as they struggle to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina. Here, she reports on the daily successes and setbacks and shares her own experiences.

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