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Banzai Bill

Thank God Jaquimo's is open. Unfortunately, I'm not in town to spend an evening there. I can't wait to get back and say hello to everyone there--old and new. I still can't think about Jack's without thinking about Mr. Austin Leslie, RIP. Fried will never be the same without him. I'm going to do my best to replicate Jack's "Carbetbagger Steak" tonight for New Year's Eve dinner--it won't be the same, but, hey, it's gotta do. Have a Happy New Year, everyone, and I will miss being there to have fun with you all. Banzai

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New York writer Betsy Andrews volunteers in some of New Orleans' best restaurant kitchens as they struggle to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina. Here, she reports on the daily successes and setbacks and shares her own experiences.

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